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Alphabeticle is a word puzzle game that requires players to use natural alphabetical order to solve math problems. If you're not sure, guess whether the word comes before or after the secret word in alphabetical order. You can make guesses until you find the entire secret word.

You have five chances in the Alphabet game to guess four-letter words correctly. Each guess must contain only four-letter words. We will place a letter in alphabetical order in each cell.

How to play?

There are two ways to play with the alphabet. In "One a Day," you must decode a new word every day. With "Continuous Play," you can guess the hidden words as many times as you like.

Easy and normal are the last two difficulty levels. In the easy mode, if you separate the secret word by the appropriate starting letters, it will appear alongside your guess. Normal mode does not display this information. Click the link or go to the "Info" area of the page.

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