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Immaculate Grid

Immaculate Grid is a sports puzzle game that is inspired by Wordle. The game is aimed at fans of MLB, which is why the game is also known as MLB Wordle.

Immaculate Grid provides players with a grid of tiles. The grid in this game consists of 9 tiles corresponding to 9 baseball players. Your task is to base on the criteria given in the row and column to choose a player that meets both criteria.

The Immaculate Grid will surely excite baseball fans. Show off how many MLB players you know and how well you actually know them.

Game Features

Daily challenge: There will be a new grid with new criteria for players to answer every day.

Limited guesses: You have only 9 guesses to solve the entire grid. You need to find nine valid players.

Active and retired players: Players in the Immaculate Grid can be anyone who had a professional baseball career, either current or retired.

How to Play Immaculate Grid

If you're still confused about how to play Immaculate Grid, the steps below may be helpful:

  • Access this page to play Immaculate Grid online for free.
  • Look at the grid to see the criteria in rows and columns.
  • Choose a player that meets both of the given criteria. Remember that the player selected does not have to be an active player; he may be retired or no longer playing.
  • Solve the entire grid in nine guesses and no more. Whether you guess wrong or right, it still counts as one guess.

Note: Each player can only appear once on the net.

Immaculate Grid is both an interesting entertainment game and helps players recall facts, stats, and information about MLB players. Enjoy the Immaculate Grid game and see if you can solve the entire grid within 9 guesses.

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