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Crossover Grid

Crossover Grid is a sports-themed game where players can show off their knowledge of the NBA, NFL, and NHL.

The player's goal in the Crossover Grid is to identify a specific player for each box in a 3x3 grid. Each box will have two rules listed in rows and columns, requiring the player to rely on them to give an answer.

In addition to knowledge about this field, the game also requires you to have a strategic mindset.

How to play Crossover Grid?

Your goal is to fill all boxes on the grid with players who meet the given requirements. In order to conquer the grid with all valid players, you need to save the following instructions:

  • Try to fill out the grid with nine guesses. Whether your answer is right or wrong is counted as one guess.
  • Look at the row and column criteria and choose a player who meets both. Your answer could be an active or retired player.
  • Make sure that the nine guessed players are completely different and do not repeat names you have already guessed. Otherwise, you will uselessly lose one out of nine guesses.
  • Remember that you only have nine guesses to complete the grid.

The game will review your achievements upon completion.

Crossover Grid is a daily game; you need to wait every 24 hours for a new grid.

To be able to win convincingly in Crossover Grid, knowledge of the NBA and NFL is indispensable. Remembering relevant information, such as their stats and achievements on the team, is what determines whether you complete the game or not.

Play now to see if you can fill out all the boxes with nine guesses.

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