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Hoops Grid

Hoop Grids is a fun basketball-themed puzzle game. Your objective in the game is to find players who meet the given criteria. The game highlights rare names rather than very famous ones. This means that you will get a higher score if you name a player who is little known by people but still meets the above criteria. This game is said to excite basketball fans.

Players are provided with a 3x3 grid with 9 squares corresponding to the 9 players to find. Each player will have two criteria that need to be met, listed in rows and columns. Your task is to find out what requirements a square has and find a player who meets those requirements. The less known a player is, the more highly he is appreciated.

How to Play Hoops Grid

  1. Find a player who meets the given requirements.
  2. Click on the square you want to make a guess on and Enter the name of the player.
  • If it’s a valid answer, that player will be shown on the grid.
  • If it's not a valid answer, nothing will happen.
  • The game will check the player's rarity level and give you a score.
  • The number of guesses is unlimited.
  1. Compare with friends to see who has the most impressive answers.

Additionally, there are some tips you can learn to win Hoops Grid as follows:

Research the players further to learn about less-famous players who meet the given requirements. Although you need to aim for points through the rarity score, don't forget that your main task is to complete the grid. You should still prioritize performance.

Try out different players who meet the given requirements to see who is best suited to the grid.

Good luck to you!

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