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Do you know Dndle? The name Dndle is a combination of Dungeons & Dragons and Wordle. This is a puzzle game developed based on the Wordle game. The biggest difference between the two games is the role-playing element.

The player's specific task is to conquer a challenge related to Dungeons & Dragons. However, instead of guessing the letters, you have to find hidden Dungeons & Dragons monsters by picking characteristic scores. There is only 1 puzzle released per day, and each player has a maximum of 8 attempts to give the correct answer.

Game Features

Dndle has the following features you should note down:

Monster characteristics: You must find the monster of the day by selecting scores for the following characteristics:

STR: Strength

DEX: Dexterity

CON: Constitution

INT: Intelligence

WIS: Wisdom

FATHER: Charisma

You make your guess by entering values for each characteristic; the feedback will be provided in the form of colors as follows:

  • Green: Correct value, correct characteristic.
  • Yellow: Correct value, wrong characteristic.
  • Gray: Wrong value, wrong characteristic.

Limited Tries: You only have 8 tries to guess the monster of the day. If you use up all 8 tries and still can't find the answer, you lose.

Dungeons & Dragons Theme: This must be great for those who love Dungeons & Dragons. It allows you to test whether you really understand D&D monsters.

Daily Puzzle: The game releases a new hidden monster every 24 hours, meaning that even if you get the correct result, you'll still have to wait until the next day for a new one.

Dndle is a great combination of word puzzles and D&D themes. You can solve clues, find monsters, and learn about the D&D world. Dndle is fun for both experts and beginners in D&D. It is a great way to spice up your gaming time. Join Dndle and become a monster expert!

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