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Baseball Wordle

Baseball Wordle is a fun puzzle game for those who are fans of baseball. It is a word game inspired by Wordle but this time your task is to guess the name of a Major League Baseball (MLB) player. This is also a daily game, and each player is given nine opportunities to find the correct answer. Are you confident in your MLB knowledge? Join us to conquer the Baseball Wordle game now.

How to Play Baseball Wordle

With each try, you enter a player's name in the box, and the game will immediately give you feedback.

Feedback hints are provided in the form of colored tiles, so you know which letters are correct, which letters are incorrect, or which ones need to be repositioned. To make the next guess, you need to understand the meaning of those colored tiles.

1. Guess the hidden MLB player within nine attempts.

2. Enter the name of the player and see how the color of all the tiles changes.

  • Green shows it's a match! It is correct in all columns.
  • Lg/Div: Yellow shows that the player you guess is in either the revealed League or Division.
  • Age: Yellow shows that that age is 2 years more than or less than the player's actual age.
  • Position: Yellow shows that this is not the player's primary position, but he can play in that position.

3. Repeat the above steps until you find the answer.

The game ends when you find the hidden player or you have used up nine tries but still haven't solved the puzzle. Baseball Wordle is fun for baseball fans and word game lovers. Try Baseball Wordle and see how many players you know!

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