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Explorerdle needs possible information about locations shown in YouTube videos. You'll get a first-person video clip of a person exploring a city, famous place, or place of interest from their perspective. The goal of the game is for the player to choose the appropriate answer from a set of options. Players are one step closer to winning one point for their team for each correct answer they give.

During the day adventure, you must first locate the continent, then the country, and finally the city. Good luck! You will then have the ability to share your work, just like you can with Wordle.

Some movies are easy to group because they have things like stores, street signs, and other things like that. However, you may have difficulty understanding some of them. This game can waste up to a chunk of your time, even if you don't play the entire game. Additionally, you have the ability to include your own videos in the game. Then you will be able to evaluate how your own course of action is developing. I hope you like it!

How to play?

Using mouse

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