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Morsle is a wordle! The game requires players to solve a daily Morse code challenge. You've certainly heard of Morse code. If you want to play a more difficult puzzle game, Morse is a good choice. 


In this game, you can play practice mode as much as you want. The results will not affect your daily statistics.

Call signs are more complex than words. They can be up to six characters long and must contain at least one digit. We expect this to be a more difficult variant of Wordle! The game requires players to brainstorm to find the final answer.

How to play?

You have 21 tries to guess the word, which will be read aloud in Morse code.

Playback speeds start at 40 words per minute (WPM), which is pretty fast, but don't worry! Every three attempts, the speed will decrease by 5 WPM.

Every time you make a pun, you get one guess. If you need to guess again, repeat the word.

Even if there are some blank letters, you can still guess. We will highlight the correct answer in green, but provide no further hints.

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