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Rodrigle plays charades in the style of the popular word game "Wordle." In this lesson, you will learn how to play Mickey Wordle and receive some hints to help you identify an Olivia Rodrigo word in just six tries. Compared to the original Wordle, the game is more difficult. In other words, you'll love it if you're a fan!

How to play?

This sport has quickly become quite popular due to its simplicity of execution. Rodrigle's goal is to correctly predict Olivia Rodrigo's hint in six tries, making the sixth try the most crucial. Olivia Your only goal is to correctly identify one of Olivia Rodrigo's song titles as quickly as possible in this one-word grid.

At Rodrigle, guess correctly six times. After each guess, the boxes' colors change to indicate your accuracy. If one or more columns are green, a match exists. When the location column turns yellow, a part of the puzzle aligns. Olivia Rodrigo That's the word. The letter does not match the color gray.

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