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Spelling Gaps

Spelling Gaps is a game designed to test your English vocabulary and spelling skills. This educational word game offers a simple yet challenging approach to hone your spelling abilities while providing a fun gameplay experience.

How to play?

Spelling Gap engages players in a series of rounds, each round presenting a word on the screen. The game takes place according to the following steps:

Word display: A complete word is displayed on the screen, prompting the player to remember the word.

Fill in the gaps: The same word appears again but with missing letters. The difficulty level determines the number of missing letters. Players use the keyboard provided to fill in the blanks, recalling the complete word.

Time Limit: Each round applies a 90-second time limit, adding an element of urgency to the challenge. Players must remember words effectively and fill in the blanks within the allotted time.

Errors Allowed: Players are allowed to make up to five mistakes throughout the game. Exceeding this limit will result in the end of the gaming session.

Grading: Strive for excellence by achieving the highest score possible. At the end of the game, players can record their achievements and submit their scores.

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