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Play a game of chance or challenge your friends to the ultimate battle of the brains! Get a whole new Wordle+ experience.

How to play?

If you double click on a column, it will show you the word meaning or play available for that column. If you double-tap or right-click on the next row, you can see how many words can be played. It's likely that a word will appear more than once because the words are in the list. If you see a refresh button in the upper left area, it means a new word is ready. At the same time, everyone has the same word. Your word number 68 is the same as everyone else's.

As long as there are more correct guesses than there are words, the game cannot choose all five-letter words as answers. Data from previous games cannot be added. Click on links to certain games to play a past game.

Try the game Words Detective Bank Heist now to experience the same feeling!!!

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