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Le Mot

Le Mot is a useful tool to develop your French vocabulary. This second edition lets you play two original Wordle games in one day if you're extremely lucky and speak multiple languages.

How to play?

Five-letter words are randomly selected each day. You have six chances to understand it. Each time you search for a word, the color of the letters will change accordingly

What you say first is important. Use a language, whether English or French, that contains as many letters unique to the game's language as possible. Avoid using words with unusual letters, as they can cause difficulties. According to a 2008 study of all French words used on Wikipedia, the letter E is the letter that appears most frequently in words of that language, followed by the letters A, I, S, N, R and T.

Use a five-letter word to start your statement in French, such as Saine, Sante, Tiens, or Senat. Your first word should always be "saine" because it contains the five most frequently used French letters.

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