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The innovative word puzzle game Polygonle was created as a variant of the widely played Wordle. To win the game, the player must solve six puzzles, each containing a series of shapes representing the letters of a mystery word. After each guess, the player will receive color hints: green indicates the letter is in the correct position, yellow indicates the letter is correct but misplaced, and gray indicates that it doesn't exist. Six players have the opportunity to try to solve the puzzle and determine which shape matches which letter to win the Daily Polygon game.

Use the on-screen keyboard to enter any word of the appropriate length, according to the number of polygons in the puzzle, for efficient play. Use the same letters for polygons of the same shape and different letters for polygons of different shapes. Pay attention to the specifics of the polygons, such as their size, color, and location, as different colors can represent different letters.

Polygonle is a game that caters to gamers who like to challenge themselves with challenging word puzzles. It brings a novel and advanced gaming experience. The game becomes increasingly difficult at advanced levels, such as Strong Mode, where each suggestion must be applied to forecast the future. Players in advanced mode must follow a formal pattern, which makes some of the puzzles quite difficult.

How to play?

Using mouse

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