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Star Wordle

Star Wordle is an updated version of Wordle designed specifically for lovers of the Star Wars saga. Your knowledge of distant galaxies will be tested in this exciting game! All the words in Star Wordle come from media such as movies, television, comics, literature, and games. Use as few of your six guesses as possible to identify five-letter Star Wars-themed words. If you want to learn more about Star Wars, this is the best way to do it. Good luck, and may the Force be with you.

How to play?

Use the alphabet at the bottom of the grid to fill in the first blank. This word must be at least 5 letters long to be counted. Every item must have some connection to the Star Wars story. Think of Darth or Vader as a starting point.

Once you have entered at least five letters, press the Enter key. Follow the many colorful arrows. If a cell turns green, it means the letter you selected and placed there is the correct letter for the puzzle. If you get a yellow box, it means you typed the correct letter in the wrong place. Have you noticed that the tiles are gray? That letter does not appear anywhere in this term.

Don't use more than six guesses trying to figure out the secret word. I am sending you hope that the Force is on your side. Try your best to guess the secret word, but you only have six tries. I hope that the Force is on your side.

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