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Poeltl is a puzzle game designed for true sports enthusiasts with a passion for basketball and the National Basketball Association (NBA). The game offers a unique and challenging experience for players, testing their knowledge about the sport and top athletes. Poeltl's goal is to correctly identify an NBA player within eight tries.

One of Poeltl's most notable features is its time-sensitive gameplay. Players are only given eight tries to correctly identify the player, adding an element of pressure and excitement to the game. This ensures that the game remains fast-paced and engaging, making it a perfect choice for players who prefer shorter and more intense gaming sessions.

Another important aspect of Poeltl is its focus on knowledge and recognition. The game is designed to test the player's understanding of the different players in the league and their skills. It requires players to have a comprehensive understanding of different players and their unique characteristics, allowing them to correctly identify players in eight trials.

How to play?

Using mouse

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